Superior Engine Parts Improve Engine Performance

Caterpillar knows engine parts must endure incredible stresses and extreme temperatures. That's why we continually improve design and manufacturing processes. We want to ensure Cat® engine components work together as a complete system and can be remanufactured for a second life. Test after test identifies critical differences between Cat engine parts and competitive parts—differences that allow Cat engine components to improve:

  • Engine performance
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce your owning and operating costs.
Engine Overhaul Options
Engine overhaul options include lower end overhaul, top end overhaul, in-frame overhaul and complete engine overhaul. Before failure, repairs shou ld be done when there is only minimal crankshaft or cylinder block wear. These repairs can only be made in-frame. The options listed depend on the type and degree of wear. Repair before failure is the best value because Cat parts reuse is maximized and your downtime is minimized.
Engine Overhaul Options

Your Cat machine engines are built for a second, even third, life. So rebuild it right, with the top performance and long life only genuine Cat parts can deliver. And now, with our Precious Metals Engine Rebuild Kits, everything you need to do it right is available in easy-to-order, cost-effective kits that get Cat machines back to work fast.

With Bronze and Silver you're assured every part meets rigid Cat quality standards. Choose the appropriate kit level, plus a variety of suggested options to obtain all the parts necessary to complete the engine rebuild.

The Precious Metals Engine Rebuild Kit program is available with optional Equipment Protection Plans that go beyond the standard factory parts warranty.
Benefits of EPP include:

  • Reduces your risk from machine failure
  • Protects from the cost of failure due to defects in material and/or workmanship
  • Cat Dealers can review options to help you decide how much and what types of equipment servicing is right for your business
  • Understanding and locking in these costs up front can help ease the decision process
ACERT Technology
ACERT Technology is an innovative performance enhancement and emissions reduction solution for diesel engines. Caterpillar created and developed ACERT as part of a long-term effort to create cleaner-running engines that maintain performance, efficiency and service life. The key breakthrough of ACERT is advanced combustion technology that provides a higher degree of control over a larger number of combustion variables than ever before possible. This control, combined with advances in air management, electronic control and, in some applications, aftertreatment, improves the overall performance of diesel engines while reducing harmful emissions. Along with enhancing overall engine performance, ACERT enables Caterpillar to produce on-highway truck engines, off-road machines and engines for marine and industrial applications that will meet increasingly stringent worldwide emissions standards. These standards and guidelines cover a comprehensive set of tiered emissions regulations for diesel engines now being phased in by regulatory bodies in the U.S. and European Union (EU), plus standards for marine engines set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Cat engines with elements of ACERT Technology for on-highway applications were first introduced in October2002. ACERT Technology is now being introduced in off-road applications.