Container-Type Enclosures

Generally used in external environments as may be required, sound insulation enclosures are diversified by their muting capacities. In addition to the manufacturing of standard sound insulation, Borusan Power Systems unit also generates tailor-made solutions with special designs.

Container-type sound Insulation enclosures are generally preferred for generators with high power (over 800 kVA). Manufactured in either ISO size or custom size, the enclosures are of corrugated steel sheet of 2 mm thickness with rock wool as the inner Insulation material. Based on the generator power, acoustic louver and sound absorbing cartridge are available for air inlet and outlet. Critical silencer is used in container-type sound insulation enclosures. Two-coat epoxy primer and epoxy finishing paint protects the enclosures from outdoor conditions for long years. The greatest advantages of container-type sound insulation enclosures are high muting capability and serviceability of the generator within the container.

We also design and produce silencers with acoustic noise cartridge used for sound insulation of generator rooms. These silencers are put in front of the air intake and radiator in the generator room in order to minimize the noise emission of the working generator into the external environments.

Containers for Cogeneration Systems

Cogeneration is the use of a single system to simultaneously generate both electricity and useful heat (steam, hot water, boiling oil, hot exhaust gas, etc.). Furthermore, in order to meet the cooling needs of businesses, cold water or cold air can be obtained by passing the heat generated through an absorption chiller. This type of systems is called "Trigeneration."

We also offer solutions to our customers with the production of container-type enclosures with special sound isolation and climatic protection for Cogeneration Systems.

Modular Sound Insulation Enclosures

Sound insulation enclosures are mainly used for small-sized generators. Steel sheets are processed in the CNC machines and painted with powder coat. The impact of the external conditions is thus minimized. Heat-resistant firex acoustic foam is used as the inner insulation material. The silencer of the sound insulation enclosures are hidden within.

  • Modular enclosure production
  • Noise level ranging from 65 to 85 dB
  • Vents and passages for efficient cooling and air circulation
  • Easy loading and transportability
  • Insulated glass cover for easy access to control panel
  • Hidden exhaust system
  • Emergency stop button
  • High level of protection against external conditions, corrosion, and rust with electrostatic powder coat
  • Solution-generating design for easy maintenance and repair

In-enclosure Exhaust Silencer System

In-enclosure silencer system improves the safety and aesthetic appearance of the silencer, as well as prolonging its useful life. Thus, hot exhaust pipe is isolated from human contact and the silencer from engine elements.


Sound Insulation

In addition to enclosures with climatic protection, sound insulation (approximately 75 dBA/98 Lwa) and super sound insulation (approximately 70dBA/90Lwa) enclosures are also available.

Perfect Maintenance Access

A circuit breaker is mounted under the control panel for security purposes. In all models, doors on both sides ensure perfect access and maintenance. Position of doors is favorable for servicing interventions.

Anti-corrosion Protection

Thanks to the corrosion-resistant structure, external zinc phosphate coating with extended life and polyester powder paint.